Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 tribute for karsha (aka teemoo)

As most of you would know, we lost our beloved doggie Karsha in July this year. She became a part of our family in 1997, when I was in the middle of my university degree. Karsha came with me everywhere and in 1999 when I started dating my husband, she would come for daily visits to his house and visit her second family.

Karsha was adorable. She was black and white, a Staffy x Kelpie. She was small enough to fit into a shoebox when I first brought her home at 8 weeks, a few weeks before Christmas time. She grew up in Perth, moved to Sydney and lived in a terrace house in the inner west with us for a number of years. There was many an adventure for Karsha, hundreds of late evening walks through the grounds of Sydney University (behind where we were living), a few park runs out the front of Star City Casino. There was the weekend visit to relatives to Katoomba in the year where the bushfires burnt across the rail tracks, my uncle G declared her to be a "redfern dog" and after being stuck up their late one evening we were driven back to Sydney. Husband to be and I in backseat, Karsha in the passenger seat - being patted by Uncle G all the way home.

Karsha was a teddy bear. She was cuddled, kissed, fed and loved by so many people. She had many a nickname - meatface, rachel, teemoo and karsh'. Losing her this year was losing a family member. It was hard. It was hard for her bestfriend Marsba (our brown doggie) because he doesnt have here here anymore and you can feel his loss. It was hard for our son to know that Karsha was gone (he is 2 in January). It brings smiles to our faces when he sees her photo (we have her all around our home) and knows thats KarKa.

So this year, in memory of Karka - my inspiration behind the label name created last year, I am going to have some christmas cards printed up with her on the front. In 1999 I took a series of photos of Karsha wearing tinsel and a christmas hat. She looks like a tree. I will have to post these another time - maybe :-) I will be making these with Shutterfly. They have so many designs to choose from and fantastic layouts. They also have a deal worth mentioning for fellow bloggers where you can get 50 free christmas cards. Simply visit here!

Karsha, we will miss you this christmas but will never ever forget how you touched ours and so many other peoples hearts xxx

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