Saturday, February 27, 2010

mmmmm almond lemon cake with roasted plums

okay so i'm feeling inspired and motivated - after all Gran just turned 88 and we are having her birthday lunch tomorrow (public holiday for everyone in WA). i am a baker and put my hand up to make her birthday cake.

after much contemplation i decided on trying this recipe from gourmet traveller magazine - almond lemon cake with roasted plums.

an interesting recipe calling for polenta, ricotta, almond meal and lemons plus the usual cake ingredients. honey and ricotta
going into the oven it looks GOOD and check out the zest from my best friend ... zester.

finished product photos to continue . . .

my first sales!

Baby is asleep so just quickly - am excited as I've had my first two sales for the above reversible overall's! Very exciting...

Friday, February 26, 2010

overalls overalls overalls

Ahhhhhh 5 minutes to myself - finally the baby is asleep! This mornings nap was a 'nap' indeed - 30 minutes. Hopefully this afternoon's nap is a tad longer, although I'll plan for a 30 minute break just in case.

I've been busy and finished 8 sets of reversible overalls. They all utilise recycled cotton shirting and have a teemoo badge on the back waist.

Speaking of which - all 300 dozen teemoo badges arrived in the post last week from Hong Kong. It was SO EXCITING.

My favourite overalls are grey locomotive print with green farage shirt on the reverse. Such a pretty shirt. See -

My next sewing adverture ? 100% cotton robes for baby boys. Stay tuned.