Sunday, October 3, 2010

my sewing hiatus - cupboard restoration project

allright, so i have not been sewing. mainly because i was going to repaint Samuels cupboard and then found another cupboard on gumtree that was so cute, and decided to work on that one instead. i had to sand, undercoat and give her a good couple of top coats in antique white. i think she turned out quite pretty. what do you think?
front view - closed up tight

with the mirror pushed up and the hutch opened up (samuel enjoying rice crackers)

the paper lined drawers - birds of paradise in pistachio from the wrapping paper company

poor Samuel has his clothes still on a rack upstairs, his cupboard half pulled apart in the upstairs hallway. oh well. i spent this morning putting my lovely fabric collection into her. doesn't she look content ?

my collection of printed woven fabrics, at THIS point in time, fabrics to be worked on at front.

plain woven fabrics.

a drawer filled with nice blue cotton shirts, for upcycled clothing

so now i have a CLEAN drawing board, cutting area, TIDY table for overlocking and neat sewing area (nearly).

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